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Illegibilus : Quinn by juhaihai Illegibilus : Quinn by juhaihai

EDIT: 05/07/14: Added badges and edited relationships.
EDIT: 04/29/14: Added a new dislike and a relative.

TL; DR - Prankster/Bully, likes teasing people he's got an interest in. Friendly, if in a good mood but keeps his distance, is blunt so may come off as rude. Has little knowledge about the wizarding world. Apathetic. Has a cat, likes Quidditch and plays violin.

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• Name: Quinn Thornsbeak
• Age: 14
• Gender: male
• Height: 6'1" / 185 cm
• Weight: 170 lbs. / 77 kg.
• Birthday: November 18 (scorpio)
• Nationality: British
• House: Gryffindor
• Year: 4th

• Personality

Brave | Adventurous

The trait that most likely led him into the Gryffindor house, ever since he was a kid, he never backed down to anything and always fights for what he knows is right. He's not afraid to try out new stuff and would jump in on unknown territory. He has been through more than a few fist fights and never says no to a duel even though he pretty much knows he's going to lose. Likes a good challenge.

Outspoken | Honest | Blunt
He doesn't usually talk a lot, unless conversed to, he keeps his thoughts to himself. But once his opinion is asked or needed, he is blunt and direct. If he thinks you need some work on your attitude or if he doesnt like you, he says it without subtelty or evasion. Due to this, he may come off as rude...most of the time.

Prankster | Bully
Unfortunately, since he's not afraid of getting scolded, he usually plays tricks on people (or ghosts), especially those he's got an interest in. These are pranks to get a persons attention or to relieve himself of boredom, ranging from small-scale to detention-worthy pranks, luckily, nobody has died or broken a bone from his shenanigans.  He also borderlines on being a bully too, but he doesn't do it because he wants to see the person suffer, but  to get their attention. If he bullies or teases you, he probably likes you... a LOT.

Secretive | Closed off
He's approachable and easy to get a long with when he's not in a foul mood but he keeps a certain emotional distance between himself and the other person. He has trouble telling his true feelings and does not share or show these feelings quite often (only to a select few like his grandfather). 

• Background

Born and raised in the muggle world, Quinn is the second and youngest child in a fairly-wealthy household. His mother manages and owns a small antique shop and his father works in Muggle-relations, a job that required him to travel in and out of the wizarding world. Quentin, a pureblooded wizard, fell in love and married Elena, a muggle. Much to his families protest, Quentin cut off ties but kept his job at the Muggle Liaison Office. Seeing as his daughter had no signs of inclination towards magic, he thought it best to keep his occupation as a wizard a secret, up until Quinn got an invitation to Hogwarts via owl one day and so he had to spell out the reasons as to why he had to travel a lot, posing as a journalist. Both Elena and Quentin, didn't want their son to go but seeing as the boy was interested in magic , and has been doing a few magic tricks himself without really knowing it (he was quite a prankster as a kid and would trip people through will), plus with his grandfathers encouragement, they agreed to send him to Hogwarts hoping that he'd learn to control his use (or misuse) of magic.

Quinn is a splitting image of his muggle grandfather when he was young, so the old man was ecstatic to know his grandson was a wizard and was fairly proud of it. Since his parents are busy folk, as little kids, Quinn and his sister would hang out at their grandparents house. When his grandmother died, he visited his grandfather more often than before to keep him company, and every time Quinn got into trouble, he'd run to his grandfather's aid to shield him against his mother's wrath over his mischief.

As a child, Quinn got a long with the rowdy bunch, the kids who'd obey his orders and serve as accomplices. He's had a few enemies in class too but he was known to say sorry whenever his pranks go beyond just funny. He got into trouble a lot, got some nosebleeds and a few broken bones and is present in detention most of the time. He was a troublesome kid but he never showed that much emotion, he would laugh but never cried, there was no special explanation behind it, he just was that. He finds a lot of stuff boring or too proper and would do something to stir up a commotion.

Since his father was a Ravenclaw, he expected to be sorted in that house, but to his surprise, he got into Gryffindor. Growing up in the muggle world, he's not that knowledgeable with magic and the things that come with it and often, he finds himself curious over  things in the wizarding world that could be considered 'just normal'. He'd been to detention more than a few times, mostly because of a tattle-tale and because he always, ALWAYS, takes responsibility when his pranks go off hand. He hasn't set a goal for himself and is on a quest to find just what he wants to be in the future. When he was a kid, he thought he was going to be a stockholder or a businessman, but then the wizarding world opened its doors, and he now finds himself with much more options to choose from...

• Family:
Quentin Thornsbeak (46 - Father - Pureblood - Ravenclaw Alumni - Muggle Relations Officer, Muggle Liaison Office)
Elena Thornsbeak (44 - Mother - Non-magic - Antique Shop Owner)
Ellery Thornsbeak (18 - Older sister - Non-magic)
Thomas Gregor (80 - Grandfather - non-magic - retired war veteran)
Lucinda 'Lucy' Thornsbeak ( Cousin - Slytherin )

Likes & Dislikes:
+ Quidditch (doesn't play tho because he has orchestra practice)
+ Pranks and prank devices (dungbomb, electric shock shake and shock-o-choc are the ones he always has in hand)
+ shorter people (he finds them very easy to tease)
+ Midnight snacks 
+ challenges

- bossy people
- goody-two shoes / tattle-tales
- Boring classes 
- cold / winter
- clingy people

• Elective Classes: 
- Care of Magical Creatures
- Divination

• Extra Curricular: (Optional, no more than two)
- Music
- Hogwarts orchestra (violinist)

• Spells
Spells according to year
  • Tripping Jinx - Nonverbal
    • Trips the target with a motion of the wand.
  • Disarming Charm - Expelliarmus
    • Causes the target's wand to fly from their hand. With sufficient power behind it, a Disarming Charm may throw a victim back forcefully. Disarming Charms are mutually off-setting - when cast against eachother, they generally deflect. The Disarming Charm is also an effective counter to many spells.
  • Reducing Charm - Reducio
    • Reduces an object expanded by the Engorgement Charm back to normal size, or causes an object (or creature) to shrink to smaller than normal size.
  • Impediment Jinx - Impedimenta or Ch'iqmi
    • Impedes the progress of a target in a variety of ways - depending on the skill of the caster, it may range from tripping and harassing to binding, knocking back, and even paralyzing the victim.
• Wand Ingredients - 
Core: Dragon 
Length: 12 1/2 inches
Wood: Sycamore
Flexibility: Slightly Springy

• Pet (Optional) -
Name: Cole
Species: Absynnian Cat
Gender: Male
Personality: Intelligent | Busy | Loyal | Friendly
Cole's a cat that Quinn got on his second year in Hogwarts and has been his loyal companion whenever he's in the common room or in his bedroom. Whenever his master's out or in class, Cole could be seen moving about in the courtyard or on his own in the hallways. Hates being cooped up in one place and is always busy. Highly intelligent, he does whatever Quinn asks him and helps him with his tricks/pranks in exchange for a treat or an extra long back rub, usually serves as a look out whenever he goes out after curfew hours. Doesn't bother people but he has no problems getting along with humans and may even be considered a lot friendlier than his master. Has no problems getting along with some pets but may attack when provoked.

- Likes Quidditch and finds the game enjoyable to watch.
- plays violin. Skill level is average. Only knows simple tunes.
- has no idea what he wants to become in the future, no career plans or set goals.
- looks a lot older for his age, he is usually mistaken as a senior or someone much older. He had a sudden growth spurt around late in his third year.
- low tolerance to cold. Wears a black inner shirt under his uniform and wears more than just the school coat/cloak on winter.
- finds some entertainment over seeing other people's reactions to stuff (or his pranks) maybe due to the fact that he does not show these emotions most often.
- If his pranks go out of hand, he takes the blame and would rather have detention or punishment than letting other people catch the blame. (but of course, if he can wiggle himself out of there--HE WOULD.)
- Bisexual. Finds neither genders attractive than the other.

Relationships: (In order of who he met first)

Olivia "Olly" Shevington - Friends. She's a troublesome little puffball packed with energy ready to explode at anytime and she calls him 'Mister Choco Winker' for reasons only godric knows why-- "This girl is on crack."

Oliveria Rulstein - Frenemies. He finds Olive to be bothersome but actually enjoys her company now haha even though he won't admit it. " Godric, you are an annoying little prick :iconulilbitchplz:..."

Sebastian Pritchard - Enemy / Cautious. Head boy who got him into detention, cautious over his presence and doesn't trust him at all. "Prefects think they're so cool *eye roll"

Talbot "Tally" Nemes - Acquaintance. Always thought Tally was a wimp until after that library incident. Owes Tally one for helping him slip his essay on Professor Falk's office. "Not bad."

Ein Schutzhauer - Acquaintance. Finds her naivety annoying at best, no matter how much he has pushed her away, she seems to still defend him(?), which to him his laughable...despite that there is something within her that draws him. "I just don't understand this girl..."

Maddison "Moose" Mcfaoitigh - ??? The senior he punched on an accidental blind date because he got irritated and finds him too nice, thinking about it now, he might have gone too overdramatic.  "--my hand hurts a lot after that punch."

Artemis Eisler - Acquaintance. All he knows about him atm is that he's the new Quidditch Team captain for the Gryffs. "....sorry--not really sorry bout the fish on your face."

June O'Donoghue - Acquaintance. Doesn't know her enought yet to get a lasting impression, though she seems pretty swell. "...not everyone in school knows One Republic."

Hamish Scottie Mathienson - Acquaintance. Someone he sees a lot together with CrackPuff Olly and Olive. He doesn't know his name yet so he calls him 'freshie' or 'freshman'. Has insane amount of luck since he manages to get away from his pranks.

Autumn Lerwick - Acquaintance. This is a weird girl who seems to have a liking to his cat and other people's pet. ".......weird, just weird."


Paris King - Acquaintance. First slytherin he's ever spent a good amount of time with, not as bad as he had expected them to be altho, her lack of facial expressions makes her a bit hard to read. Seems to be passionate about spiders for some reason. 

Matthias Erwin Acquaintance(?)Orchestra member and fellow violinist, maybe a bit too cheerful for his liking but manages to put up with him.

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Whenever you want to RP in chat with someone, you can do it on any of the 3 RP rooms as long as they are available.
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Sometimes it pays to read the DOC log of the current RP before going in so you at least have an idea whats going on xD

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Love is all you need //shottothemoon
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